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If you are here, you probably already know me, but just in case you are new then I will take this moment to introduce myself.  My name is Jessica Wright, and I am the lucky wife of Drew.  I am the mother of two of the coolest kids around, Lucy and Carlisle. I practice as a physical therapist in my spare time, but I spend the majority of my time on the hunt for my next adventure.  

There are a lot of things I could list here that I love like coffee, Mississippi State University, or dogs, but none of that is terribly exciting. Mostly, I just really love this incredible Earth that God created, my awesome family, and expressing myself through written word rather than actual human interaction (because believe it or not despite my sometimes in face your weirdness I am actually quite the introvert). So here we are, a blog! 

As my husband would say, we once found adventure living high on the hog and now we find it just sitting on a log. (Such a poet) But we started this camping journey back in 2018 with our Coleman Lantern 262BH and have never looked back.

If you ever have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions about things you'd like to know please reach out.  Otherwise, sit back, hit subscribe, and gather round for some adventures around the Earth, Wind, and Campfire!

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