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Basket of Rocks - Using the outdoors to teach about Easter

With Easter quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you a fun activity we did last year to spend time outside and also teach our kids about Easter.

On Good Friday, we took a nature walk and collected lots of rocks in our Easter baskets. We discussed how each rock represented a different sin and how much these rocks weighed our baskets down much like sin does our hearts.

Next, we covered the rocks with red paper to signify Christ’s blood poured out for our sins, and I asked Lucy what she thinks will happen to the rocks in our baskets on Easter morning. Scroll below to read the details, and check the video to hear her answer!

For God so loved the world ❤️

Tag me on instagram and facebook (@earthwindandcampfire) if you participate in this activity with your family, put your own spin on the idea, and especially with those smiling faces on Easter morning as they see their baskets full of those riches! ❤️

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